GSK abandon its joint drug project with Galapagos

19/08/2014 - 2 minutes

According to Reuters, Galapagos, a Belgian biotech group announced that GlaxoSmithKline has stopped a joint drug development project over concerns about adverse effects. 

In June 2006, Galapagos signed a broad alliance with GSK to discover and develop breakthrough medicines. This multi-target, multi-year alliance runs from target discovery through to delivery of a clinical Proof of Concept. In June 2007, the scope of the alliance was expanded to include up to two drug discovery programs on selected GSK drug targets. In December 2008, Galapagos announced that the alliance was further expanded to include two additional drug targets. In December 2009, the alliance was again expanded to include additional drug discovery programs based on novel drug target GT622. Based on these expansions, the alliance was worth more than €200 million in milestones, plus up to double-digit royalties.

GSK had decided to end work on its drug GSK2586184 for treatment of ulcerative colitis and psoriasis after tests showed it did not combine well with certain cholesterol drugs, said Reuters source.

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