GSK partners to Scale Manufacturing of CAR-T Therapies

17/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Production of CAR-T therapies seems to be one of the biggest challenge of this promising technologyMiltenyi Biotec (Germany) and GSK have entered a new partnership to combine the clinical development of cell and gene therapies with manufacturing expertise.

gsk_miltenyi_biotech_gmp_manufacturing_cell_gene_therapy_tcr_carMilteniy is a German company of 1600 employees developing products for biomedical research and cellular therapy. It’s not the first time this Biotech is involved in collaborations to create a platform for the manufacture of cell therapies. Miltenyi manages the EU-funded CARAT project, that aims to create a safe, cost-effective process to produce CAR-T (the game-changing cancer treatment).

Now, Big Pharmas are relying on Miltenyi’s expertise in the field. GSK announced a partnership to optimise the manufacture and delivery of personalised therapies, using increased automation and high-tech processing technology.

The goal of this collaboration is to industrialize cell and gene therapy, two key areas for GSK. The British Big Pharma is leading the market-breakout of gene therapies,

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