GSK teams up with US Money to found new Biotech

26/05/2016 - 2 minutes

GSK and Avalon Ventures are having success with the Biotechs created under their collaboration. Sitari Pharmaceuticals and Silarus Therapeutics have achieved their first milestones, and there’s a 8th Biotech in the making.

gsk_avalon_ventures_pdi_therapeuticsAs part of its innovation hunting in the US, English big Pharma GSK had struck a collaboration with Avalon Ventures and formed an ‘undercover incubator’ of sorts.

This incubator is COI Pharmaceuticals, a ‘venture-pharma entity’ that provides R&D infrastructures and industry mentors to create new Biotechs.

Now, the collaboration is reaping some successes. The first two Biotechs created by the programme have reached their first milestones – establishing a plan to identify a clinical candidate.

The first is Sitari Pharmaceuticals, which is developing treatments for celiac disease. Its therapeutic approach targets Transglutaminase 2 (TG2), an enzyme that is thought to play an important role in this autoimmune disease.

The other is Silarus Therapeutics, which targets erythroferrone.

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