Heptares’ G-Protein StaR Platform has now Hooked Pfizer in a Billion Euro Deal

30/11/2015 - 2 minutes

Heptares Therapeutics from the UK has landed Pfizer in a huge potential $1.9Bn deal for their G-protein receptor platform.

heptares_therapeutics_pfizer_gcpr_sosei_logoHeptares Therapeutics was founded by Fiona Marshall (one of our Top 10 UK Women in Biotech), who now serves as a CSO to Japanese Big boss Sosei, which wholly acquired Heptares earlier this year in a €373M deal. Other partners includes Takeda, AstraZeneca, Cubist Pharma (US), MorphoSys and MedImmune.

As discussed before on Heptares’ partnership with US-Israeli Giant Teva, is that what makes Heptares such an attractive partner is their GPCR platform, which has an extensive number of applications and targets available. Heptares own research has given rise to a variety of neurological research indications for their engineered G-protein coupled receptors (a superfamily of 375 receptors), to include Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and Migraine.

Heptares StaR (stabilised receptor) technology forms the backbone of its integrated platform for targeting GPCRs.

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