Here are 7 Biotech Stories you Must Read During the Holidays

06/08/2015 - 3 minutes

The Holidays are a perfect time to enjoy the sun and relax peacefully on the beach but it’s also a great time to read inspiring stories about your favorite topic, Biotechs! For your delight, we bring you the most read biotech stories of this year. Discover or re-discover them and enjoy!


January – The CRISPR’s Therapeutical revolution


Six years ago, a new sophisticated prokaryotic defense system, was identified in the structure complex CRISPR-Cas9. Recently, these RNA-guided Cas9 nucleases derived from CRISPR/Cas systems have shown promise in transforming our ability to edit mammalian genomes and developing new treatments.


February – 2014, the Biggest Year Ever for European Biotech IPOs


A worldwide bio-boom has shaken stock markets throughout 2014. For European start-ups, last year represented a remarkable step forward as 15 companies went public and raised €719.8M in total!



March – Against Being Against GMOs: The Golden Rice Story


Professor Ingo Potrykus had the vision of solving the Vitamin A Deficiency problem with plant sciences,

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