High-Risk Infant Cancer: Nature publishes on a New and Reliable Biomarker from Cologne

14/10/2015 - 4 minutes

New Oncology from Cologne (Germany) is a biotech which today published a paper in Nature on tumor-profile recognition of cancer of the sympathetic nervous system (Neuroblastoma) in conjunction with the latest research at the University of Cologne. The research team has found a new way to diagnose infants with the deadly high-risk version of Neuroblastoma, which could radicalise how Neuro-oncology researchers approach the hunt for life-saving therapeutics.

hrhrhPublished only a few minutes ago, this latest research has used New Oncology’s diagnostic tumor profiling tech (NEOplus) to further compound the ‘paradigm shift’ surrounding the specific mutations which cause tumor cells to…be tumors.

In the previous era of Oncology, it was thought that only point mutations (single nucleotide replacements causing DNA strand missense of specific genes) were responsible for the transformation of a regular cell into one which is cancerous. It has now been shown that in fact other types of mutations – such as multiple gene fusions and gene amplification can also be responsible for oncogenesis.

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