Histalim, already 10 years committed to Histology

16/04/2015 - 5 minutes

In the prestigious Fabre Museum of Montpelier (France), Thursday, April 9, 2015, Histalim organized for his birthday, an afternoon of table speeches around bioservices and also an evening with contemporary art exhibition and concert.

Histalim, founded in June 2005, provides services around histology to different players in the pharmaceutical and medical industry and agri-food research. In key numbers, this is already 30 employees and 520 customers in 14 countries. From the evaluation of neuroscience toxicity to the characterization of therapeutical antibodies for the evaluation of implantable medical devices,… Histalim strives to assist each client to bring him benefit fully mastered. The technical means in histology, their European network of experts in histopathology, or the image analysis methods allow this dynamic company to respond effectively to the demands of the most discerning guests.

“Image analysis, immunohistochemistry and molecular biology techniques have not brought as many innovation and opportunities for the study of tissues and cells as nowadays. Histology, who was until now a method to identify lesions or cancers,

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