No, this French Startup didn’t Discover the Cure for HIV…

23/03/2016 - 3 minutes

This is the story of a French doctor and his start-ups which have been trying to develop a cure for HIV for the last 10 years. The problem resides in exaggerating, not publishing data…and then repeating this process again and again.

biosantech_biotech_hivLast week, the professor Erwann Loret and his start-up Biosantech did a press conference to announce new “breakthrough” results have been accepted in the review journal Retrovirology. However, the problem here is that those ‘Breakthrough results’ are still not actually published.

And whilst it’s pretty common to see Biotech companies exaggerate their findings a bit, it seems completely excessive here.

The French industry magazine Usine Nouvelle did some digging into the story and found some ‘suspicious’ facts (and actually, this piece is one of the most aggressive I’ve ever read inside the magazine). A scientist from the HIV field told the magazine:

Oh yes, this is the startup which claims having the vaccine against AIDS every two months,

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