French Startup raised €4M for Gene Therapy to fix specific Types of Blindness

08/07/2016 - 2 minutes

Horama is developing gene therapies for several hereditary retinal dystrophies. It has now raised €4M in its Series A round, which will speed up development of two candidates.

Eye disorders are a popular indication for gene therapies, especially after the first gene therapy approvals – uniQure’s Glybera and GSK’s Strimvelis. Some other players in ophthalmologic applications include Spark Therapeutics (US), NightstaRx (UK), and French Gensight, now carrying out a €40M IPO.

One reason for this popularity is that the eye is a particularly good organ for gene therapy, with easy access for administration and where the therapy has a long-term effect as the cells don’t regenerate so much.

There are also 5.1 million people worldwide suffering from genetic retinal dystrophies, which lead to gradual loss of vision. This large group of rare diseases can be caused by nearly 200 different genetic mutations.

Founded in 2014, Horama has now raised €4M in its Series A round. The money came from French investors such as Omnes Capital, Sham Innovation Santé and GO Capital.

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