How Big can be Small in Biotech – #BIO-Europe 2015 Keynote

02/11/2015 - 5 minutes

As usual at BIO-Europe, the fair starts with an opening keynote, this time with speakers from Merck Healthcare, MedImmune/AstraZeneca and Baxalta.

The keynote is basically a discussion between high-level speakers, akin to the talk which took place in Paris during  March, when Antoine Papiernik (the prominent European VC from Sofinnova) led a panel discussion with a few other CEOs.

This year, the panel had a pretty high level of Biotech clout again, even if the selection of speakers was more oriented towards Big Pharmas than Biotech. I’ll let you judge:


Edwards introduced the discussion :

This will not be a panel discussion like the Republican ones, where none of the questions were answered

That got me excited. I thought: Great! We will have a real discussion without formal or politically correct declarations. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold true to its promise, but the discussion was still interesting…

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