How will the UK’s Potential Exit from the EU Affect the Biotech Industry?

15/03/2016 - 6 minutes

I’m a UK Expat in Berlin, and whilst I admit confusion over where exactly the British Exit (i.e. “Brexit”) will leave me in the future, in general it is a depressing thought – for the UK Biotech Industry also. What exactly are the Industry logistics for the UK detaching itself from the EU?

biotech_exit_brexit_eu_industry_ukAdmittedly there is a sense of ‘UK and Europe’ disjointedness, and it’s not just because of the English channel! When I moved here to work at Labiotech, it wasn’t really an issue until things got all political…

…and suddenly the idea we laughed at before is a real possibility, with votes for and against Brexit currently teetering around the 50-50 mark. But if we did this, we would be leaving an almost €15 trillion economy, predicted to grow by 1.9% this year (the best result since 2011) and 2% by 2017. The Economist gives a good overview for the individual countries within the Union.

Generally though,

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