A New Super-Antibody against Ebola has been Isolated

26/02/2016 - 3 minutes

Humabs BioMed (Switzerland), in collaboration with institutional partners has succeeded in isolating new antibodies against the Ebola virus and turned them into a potential therapy against it.

humabs_ebola_virus_antibodies_mab100_mab114_darpaHumabs discovers monoclonal antibodies by doing blood analysis of survivors to given infectious diseases. For example, if one wants the cure for the flu, it looks into people who recuperated from it and what antibodies they have developed against it.

This strategy has already earned this Swiss company a paycheck from Novartis, a partnership with MedImmune and success in tackling Respiratory Syndrome.

Now Humabs and its partners have discovered two antibodies that can neutralize the Ebola virus. The antibodies (mAb100 and mAb114) were isolated from the blood of two survivors of past Ebola outbreaks (in 1995).

Both antibodies demonstrated high virus-neutralizing capacity, so they went on to be furhter investigated at an academic level.

It’s this work that was recently published in two articles in Science (wow!),

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