iGEM 2015: Europe still dominates World’s Largest Synthetic Biology Contest

05/10/2015 - 4 minutes

The iGEM 2015 results are out! The World’s largest synthetic biology competition (24th – 28th September) held in Boston (US) has yet again shown up a great European representation in the winning teams. Divided into 3 tiers (Post-graduate, Under-graduate and High-School) winners and their projects are listed below.

Picture3Originally launched by Massachusetts Institute for Technology in Boston (MA), the iGEM Competition has been held annually since 2004 to encourage students to create, innovate and develop projects in synthetic biology. However, iGEM as a biotechnology competition is special as it attracts students from a wide range of academic background (e.g. Engineering, Computer Sciences and even the Humanities).

This year’s iGEM Giant Jamboree was held at the Hynes Convention Centre near Boston (MA) from September 24th – 28th. Winning projects included teams from Virginia (US), Israel, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Teipei, demonstrating yet again the strong influence the iGEM competition has over students from European institutions.

Undergraduate Category

1st Place Grand Prize:                 Team: William &

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