Video: Chatting with Immunocore about the Potential of Immuno-oncology

05/12/2016 - 2 minutes

At Refresh in Paris, I had the opportunity to ask Eva-Lotta Allan,CBO of one of Europe’s hottest companies, Immunocore, some pointed questions.

Immunocore is famous as one of the biggest biotech successes in Europe: the company raised the largest round ever on the continent (€300M!), built a solid technological platform and recruited top talents to manage it all. But is the field really all it’s cracked up to be? Commentators increasingly focus on the hype surrounding immuno-oncology as a field generating a lot of money but not many results (yet).

To close our second edition of Refresh, I discussed the field of immuno-oncology and Immunocore‘s position in it with the company’s CBO, Eva-Lotta Allan. The day before, immuno-oncology suffered another setback as two more patients died in Juno’s CAR-T trial, and this news provided a somber frame for the conversation.

“I think what happened yesterday is really an indication that all immuno-oncology drugs are still experimental,” said Eva-Lotta. “Though we shouldn’t forget that checkpoint inhibitors have been incredibly successful so far.” 

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