A French Biotech is Monopolising Immuno-Oncology with Big Euro Deals

11/01/2016 - 3 minutes

Marseille’s Innate Pharma is building an Immuno-Oncology Monopoly, deal by deal.  Selling to the French Pharma Giant, Sanofi, this 112 employee biotech has used their Sanofi-income to buy up Lyon-based Orega Biotech‘s checkpoint inhibitor program. 

innate_pharma_nk_cancer_cells_sanofi_deal_oregaSanofi and Innate Pharma will work together on the generation and evaluation of up to two bispecific NK cell engagers, using technology from Innate Pharma and Sanofi’s proprietary bispecific antibody format as well as tumor targets.

Activating receptor NKp46, expressed on all natural killer cells, is the most specific marker of human NK cells and plays a major role in their tumor cell recognition. So they will be eligible to received up to €400M in milestone payments and royalties in sales from Sanofi. That’s a lot of cash…and Innate’s pharma is already 3/4ths of the way to becoming a Billion Euro Biotech.

So what to do with this Investment? Biotech Shopping!

Now Innate Pharma and Orega Biotech (also French) yesterday announced that they have also entered into an exclusive licensing agreement over Orega’s program of first-in-class anti-CD39 checkpoint inhibitors.

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