Interview with Fabrice Plasson, Amoéba’s CEO: “We created a biocide using microorganisms”

05/08/2015 - 5 minutes

Water treatment against pathogens has not changed since 1914 when we first discovered the use of chlorine. Industrial manufacturers are still using such chemicals to decontaminate waters involved in their process but can only destroy 0,5% of pathogens! The French company Amoéba, has discovered a way to eliminate 100% of pathogens without using any chemicals! We met Fabrice Plasson, CEO of the company who told us more about Amoéba’s secrets.



Chemicals are only destroying 0,5% of pathogens. When you think about it, it’s really crazy! What’s your secret to destroy the remaining 99,5%?


Fabrice Plasson


The secret lies in a natural microorganism! We’re using an amoeba-like the name of our company- to destroy pathogens in water. It’s a natural microorganism feeding himself with other microorganisms.


What you also need to know is the reason behind the inefficiency of chemicals. In fact, the main part of pathogens lived in the biofilm,

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