Interviewing the Swedish Biotech that started the first Phase II Trial in Bahrain

06/04/2016 - 1 minute

It’s the fist time I heard of a European Biotech company clinically co-operating with a country in the Arabic gulf… 


That’s why I was curious to interview Christina Herder, the CEO of the Stockholm-based Dilaforette, which launched a Phase II trial in co-operation with Bahrain and the rest of the Emirates.

Dilaforette, as many Swedish Biotechs, started out from the Karolinska Institute and is now one of the portfolio companies of Karolinska Development (see the interview of the CIO here). The company is tackling Sickle Cell Disease with a small molecule drug (Sevuparin) and is currently undergoing a Phase II with Orphan drug designation.

The interview is about this last development as well as the history of the company and how Herder perceives the Swedish Biotech ecosystem. Here’s a teaser: ‘the Swedish market is just too small, we have to go international‘.


Here’s the video shot at BIO-Europe Spring 2016 in Stockholm…Please accept preferences cookies to watch this video.

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