The Future Biotech Lab Bench: My experience of the cutting edge-tech at LABVOLUTION

08/10/2015 - 4 minutes

Yesterday I went to Biotechnica –  one of the biggest events for Lab tech debut in Europe, which took place in Hanover (Germany). One particular exhibition caught my eye – the LABVOLUTION trade fair, exhibiting a live demonstration of a connected laboratory: the ‘smartLAB‘!

logo_exhibition_labvolution-germany-2015So it’s been a while since I last worked in a lab, but from what I can remember, lab bench work was far from thrilling… Even use of a paper-based Lab Book seems like complete nonsense to me. Tracking your lab results on paper is in my opinion, counter productive when we’re in an era of effective digital tools used to save time and improve lab research efficiency. However, my visit to Biotechnica’s smartLAB did lots to restore my opinion of the traditional laboratory’s not-so-modern legacy.

labvolution attendees

Let me give you a brief overview of what happened at the Biotechnica event…

For many years, lab equipment manufacturers and scientists have dreamed of a connected lab, where you can finally sync all your devices to one efficient pool of data.

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