Sweden and Switzerland Join in on Microbiome Hype with New Karolinska Research Centre

28/01/2016 - 2 minutes

Ferring Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) and the Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) announce a collaboration on a new research centere exploiting the human microbiome.

karolinska_institutet_ferring_microbiome_researchThe Karolinska Institutet has a deep understanding of the human microbiome, and the institute actually accounts for over 40% of the medical academic research conducted in Sweden (not to mention their long-standing ties with the Nobel Prize Awarding body). Ferring also has a special interest in gastroenterology, with a Phase II fusion protein designed to treat Crohn’s disease.

Parts of the research into the Microbiome will be carried out at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) that provides access to a broad technical platform for studying complex microbiological communities in well-defined human material.

SciLifeLab is a Swedish national centre for molecular biosciences for applications in health and environmental research, hosted by four universities; Karolinska, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. This research program will be fully funded by Ferring.

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