Key-partnership for the most well-funded Biotech in Berlin

09/10/2015 - 2 minutes

Berlin is growing as a massive Biotech hub, in part thanks to prestigious University of Medicine here (Charité), which is flanked by other world-class institutions (Humboldt University, Technische, Free University of Berlin etc.) and a thriving start-up scene. The most well-funded Biotech here at the moment is Glycotope, a biotech which has raised over €135M since its start in 2001, now made up by over 200 employees (all of which is covered by our Biotech map for Europe).

Glycotope’s speciality, as you could have guessed by its name, is glycosylation of proteins (i.e. chemical addition of a carbohydrate group). Glycotope owns a GMP manufacturing plant to produce biomolecules in Heidelberg (Germany). This plant also develops its own first-in-class drugs as well improving biologicals for industry (i.e. best-in-class).

Yesterday, the German Biotech announced a big partnership with Swiss Octapharma based in Lachen which has over 6000 employees (phwoar!).

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