Kymab: One Multi-Award Winning Biotech Company Worth Watching!

09/09/2015 - 3 minutes

Kymab is the European biotech to watch! Based in Cambridge (UK), the company has developed the Kymouse platform, with a unique approach to antibody delivery that has allowed this biotech to advance drug and vaccine discovery in a range of key medical research areas including HIV, malaria, cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Kymab’s golden egg lies in the Kymouse platform, developed as a method of discovering and producing human therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAb) using murine models. The knock-out / knock-in gene technique (Ko/Ki) in mice has been around for a long time, however it was through a partnership with Professor Allan Bradley’s ‘Mouse genomics Team’ at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute that the Kymouse technology was born.

The innovative platform allows full use of the human B-lymphocyte diversity. Indeed, Bradley actually founded Kymab in 2009 as the first ‘spin-off’ biotech from the Institute’s genomics research.

Kymouse works by using a precise form of insertion of target genes and not random transgenesis, which has permitted candidate mAb therapies developed using Kymouse to have a higher affinity than its competitors.

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