Lab equipment (finally) affordable?

23/04/2015 - 2 minutes

Whether you are an industry giant, university laboratory or startup company, there is no way around it! Obviously your equipment budget represents a necessity… Your wallet, however, suffers the most from these expensive supplies. Imagine being able to buy good and reliable supplies at prices well below market standards. Well, this dream has now become reality… a fully equipped lab at half price is now possible! 

Dutscher has come up with a solution to this financial dilemma: well known lab equipment brands regularly launch new and more advanced product lines, but often incompatible with the previous ones. Every couple of years, distributors such as Dutscher find themselves with a large stock of suddenly obsolete equipment, leading to higher costs and eventual waste… Highly aware of this recurring problem and its environmental impact, Dominique Dutscher sells new and second hand material at discounted prices thanks to their two new complementary services DDiscount and DDpotVente.

With DDiscount every company, including ones with smaller budgets, now have a wide choice between the biggest brands when purchasing their equipment.

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