So that was Labiotech Refresh! Here are the conference Highlights

27/05/2016 - 5 minutes

So after months of planning our first biotech conference, it’s kind of surreal to think it’s actually over. For now, anyway!

Here’s a recap of the day; speakers, panels, audience and the team, as we put together the premier of Labiotech’s Conference series – Labiotech Refresh.



Philip and Joachim during the opening speech. It all kicked off with Fireside chats from some of the leaders within the Biotech industry.

On the Left Philip spoke to Isabelle de Cremoux from Seventure Partners (and founder of the first Microbiome Investment fund in the world), and on the Right, Joachim chatted with Ingmar Hoerr (the CEO of CureVac) on the rise of mRNA Therapeutics.

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“Compared to CRISPR, CAR-t and Gene therapy – Microbiome is in its infancy” – Isabelle de Cremoux.

“You need to stick to your data, and not be influenced too much by investors.” – Ingmar Hoerr.


Our first panel then focused on Gene Therapy.

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