Leading European VC believes this is the “Post-It of Surgery”

17/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Gecko Biomedical (France) has raised €22.5M to get its innovate biopolymers to surgery rooms, and caught the eye of the biggest French Biotech investor, Sofinnova.

gecko_biomedical_round_a2_biopolymer_surgicalGecko has a hot piece of MedTech in its hands: a surgical glue that can stop bleeding from sutured tissues, and in the future could replace stitching altogether.

This technology was initially developed at MIT by a wonder team, but it was in France that it became a commercial project. Paris-based Gecko has the exclusive license for this bio-glue, and was founded by the original Boston team.

Shortly after, it went through its first fundraising and got €8M from French investors specializing in SMEs and healthcare (Omnes Capital, CM-CIC and CapDecisif Management).

Gecko has now raised an additional €22.5M in a series A2 round (A2 being the modest European twin of US series B rounds, perhaps?). There are two new big investors – Bpifrance (a very active investment arm of the French State) and Sofinnova,

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