Danish Pharma enters in the Biologics arena with Antibody Buy-out

04/07/2016 - 3 minutes

Leo Pharma is acquiring rights to two of AstraZeneca‘s candidates. The targeted indications are atopic dermatitis and psoriasis – autoimmune conditions getting more and more attention.

leo pharma astrazeneca atopic dermatitis psoriasisBased near Copenhagen (Denmark), Leo Pharma specializes in dermatological therapies – particularly topical treatments. The company is not shy about its acquisitions, having entered a €675M deal to buy Japanese dermatology blockbusters and €105M deal for argenx’s llama antibodies.

But while these llama antibodies are cooking in preclinical development, Leo Pharma is speeding up its expansion into biologics. The targets are two candidates by AstraZeneca, that are significantly closer to the market.

First, there is tralokinumab, which has completed Phase II trials for atopic dermatitis. The candidate is a monoclonal antibody and targets a cytokine involved in the regulation of the immune system (IL13 – interleukin 13).

AstraZeneca has been developing tralokinumab for asthma. With this new deal, it will receive around €100M upfront from Leo Pharma for the rights in dermatological applications (especially atopic dermatitis) –

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