The Dermatology People in Denmark are Buying Out Japanese Skin Blockbusters

12/11/2015 - 2 minutes

Leo Pharma has entered an Asset Purchasing Agreement of €675M for the Japanese Derma business of Astellas in Tokyo, to include their products for eczema, acne and their dermatitis blockbuster Protopic.

LEO_Logo_Black_RGBLeo Pharma, which is headquartered in Copenhagen (Denmark), has therapeutic areas beyond the cosmetic, with other areas of research including skin cancer (melanoma) and deep vein thrombosis. The addition of the Astellas product line into their derma portfolio will further strengthen their international grip on the dermatology market, for which there is a general rise in demand.

This is particularly the case in the US, where the market is projected to grow to an annual €12.2Bn by 2017 (quite a steep incline following the €9.4Bn in 2013) as detailed in an Industry report from Harris Williams & Co. Indeed, the market is also described as quite fragmented due to the gap in specific fields and specialists within Dermatology, who are not generally grouped under large Pharma portfolios such as Leo’s.

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