Lesson to Learn from the Best Biotech Entrepreneurs: be a Pioneer!

04/06/2015 - 4 minutes

Last week, Biotech Entrepreneurs gathered in Berlin for the Charité Entrepreneurship Summit 2015. As a spectator, I’ll bring you the most important lessons to take on board from successful entrepreneurs. 

The First speaker was James Sabry, Senior VP at Genentech, which I already interviewed on the strategy of Genentech/Roche. The Californian entrepreneur, who founded the NASDAQ-listed company Cytokinetics before joining Genentech, gave us an important glance at the Biotech history.

Genentech basically gave birth to the Biotech era 40 years ago, as Herbert Boyer, a pioneer in the field of recombinant DNA technology, demonstrated that restriction enzymes could be used as “scissors” to cut DNA fragments. These DNA fragments can then be moved from one source to be recombined in another organism via a plasmid, thus creating a Genetically Modified Organism.

As Herbert Boyer first knocked on the door of the Venture Capitalist to fund a company based on this technology, the VC Robert Swanson asked him “Will God let you make a new form of life like this?

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