Interview: Can this Natural Acid replace Petroleum for the Chemical and Biofuel Industries?

11/03/2016 - 4 minutes

GFBiochemicals in (Italy) is producing levulinic acid (from breakdown of biomass) to replace petroleum-based products for a huge range of sectors, with up to a $30Bn market volume.

We had the chance to meet Marcel Van Berkel, the CMO of GFBiochemicals, which is based in Milan with additional Netherlands and Minnesota (US) sites.

Berkel told us more about the many uses of this ‘Greentech miracle acid’, and how they had just acquired a US company also active in Levulinic acid derivatives production (Segetis), which holds more than 50 patents and over 200 pending patent applications worldwide.


How did you become CMO at GFBiochemicals?

gfbiochemicals_segetis_luvelinic_acid_greentechI have more than 25 years of international experience as a business professional at companies such as DSM (Netherlands) and Solvay (Belgium), and a solid track record in bringing businesses to the next level of growth via strategic alliances.

Since I believe that the bio-based economy can only be successful with new platform technologies like levulinic acid,

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