Major EU VCs invest €36.6M into Mallorcan hemodyalisis treatment

08/09/2015 - 3 minutes

Ysios Capital is the leading investor on Baleric Island based Sanifit (Spain) which has developed a new candidate looking to treat Calciphylaxis and patients with renal diseases requiring hemodyalysis. Other lead VCs are looking to also invest, with interest from Forbion Partners (Nl) and Edmond de Rothschild (Fr) to name a few. Its series C funding has raised a total of €36.6M so far for its proposed stage IIb trials.

Ysios Capital is a Spanish VC with a fairly robust profile amounting to €125M. Its enthusiasm for Sanifit’s candidate pipeline is particularly pronounced, as managing partner, Joël Jean-Mairet, announces:

“This is a pivotal moment to be investing in a company focused on a condition with such an attractive market opportunity…[Sanifit] has already made significant progress and with the support of some of Europe’s top VC Funds, it is well positioned to make substantial and rapid progress in both these areas of pronounced unmet medical need”.

Indeed, this funding round has attracted some really big VC fish looking to get a slice of Sanifit include Forbion Capital Partners (the biggest VC in the Netherlands) and Edmond De Rothschild (second largest in France).

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