Antibodyomes for faster Discovery of Biologicals, with Memo Therapeutics

26/08/2016 - 1 minute

After delighting ourselves with fabulous French gastronomy in Nancy, it’s time to say our farewells and head to the next border. Basel is our final destination. Our goal? Get to know a bit more of Swiss-based company Memo Therapeutics, our Biotech of the Week.

City: Basel, Switzerland

Founded: 2010

Employees: 10

Financial Data: €2.1M Total Raised (as of 06/2016)

CEO: Armin W. Mäder


Mission: Memo Therapeutics develops complete antibody repertoires (antibodyomes) of humans and animals, in order to have cost and time-effective molecular cloning, biobanking and expression screening.

The result is MemoMAB, a platform that bypasses the major bottlenecks in antibody discovery. It currently keeps expression libraries (coupled with direct expression screening) of human and rabbit antibodies.

memo therapeutics memomab antibody discovery

Comment: Memo Therapeutics started out as spin-off out of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). After raising a modest Series A in 2015,

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