After AstraZeneca Turned Down Pfizer’s Bid, Merck Took the Opportunity

22/11/2014 - 2 minutes

Pharmaceutical giants Merck and Pfizer have agreed a deal to develop and market immunotherapy agents to fight cancer. Now, the last Pfizer’s proposal to AstraZeneca is pending. 

Merck will get an upfront payment of €682 million from the U.S. drugmaker for sharing rights to develop its experimental immunotherapy drug with Pfizer. It is also eligible for up to €1,6 billion in payments based on the medicine’s future success.

Merck’s product is an Anti-PD-L1 antibody which name is “MSB0010718C”. Antibody therapies are the most promising new ways for fighting cancer, that helps the patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells more effectively. The hope is that such therapies will be more effective and less damaging than the principal anti-cancer therapies used today, which usually target cancer cells with heavy doses of radiation, or with poisonous chemicals.

“Collaborating globally with Pfizer will allow us to benefit from the strengths and capabilities of both companies in immuno-oncology, further accelerating this promising asset in the race to address the needs of cancer patients across multiple tumor types.

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