What will Happen now the Microbiome Hype has Broken into the Immuno-Oncology Field?

17/11/2015 - 3 minutes

The Microbiome and Immuno-Oncology fields are hugely trendy in the Biotech Industry – and now a marriage between the two has finally occurred…

human_microbiome_projectThe Microbiome field is still very new, with the launch of the US Human Microbiome Project just happening in 2008. Nonetheless, some start-ups are moving fast up the microbiome ranks, as well illustrated by the French biotech Eligo Biosciences. Indeed, Eligo has gotten some serious political and investment attention recently, despite the CEO Xavier Duportet being only 27 years old!

Now in a paper published in Science, a research team in Immuno-Oncology at the European leading cancer research centre in Paris, Gustave-Roussy, has shown how a certain immunotherapy is reliant on the gut’s microflora. This has therefore further prompted the push forward by Microbiologists into a new branch of Microbiomics: Cancer.

Gustave-Roussy has partnered up with the French Microbiome know-it-all Enterome, to be pioneers in the new marriage between Microbiomics and Immuno-Oncology.

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