Dutch Organ-on-Chip Biotech Hauls in €1.5M Funding from Pharma Syndicate in Project Against Animal Testing

22/12/2015 - 3 minutes

Mimetas from Leiden (NL) has now been financed to develop an Organ-on-Chip (tissue model) to specifically test Neurotoxicity, as a piece of medtech to help clinical trials move away from Animal testing…

mimetas_organs_chips_animal_testingOrgans-on-Chips are microfluidic tissue models which mimic basic organ-to-organ coupling. Developed with the aim of simulating ADMET testing and drug screening in vitro, it is thought these microchips could eventually replace the use of animal models for a range of organs, from the heart to the lungs…

Mimetas is one such biotech working on these chips which recently won the Dutch competition for Ideas From Europe, and we wrote about them last year when they raised €4M for a global expansion of its platform development. Mimetas was also a corporate sponsor of the Organ on a Chip World Congress in Boston where they launched the OrganoPlate: an easy to use, versatile and affordable microfluidics‐based 3D culture plate.

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