Mologen Joins the Rapidly Growing List of EU Partners with the No#1 US Cancer Hospital

21/01/2016 - 2 minutes

MD Anderson (US) and the Berlin Biotech Mologen (Germany) have now partnered on for an Immuno-Oncology program fighting colorectal and small-cell lung carcinoma.

md_anderson_mologenThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is ‘One of the world’s most respected centres‘ devoted exclusively to cancer patient care, research, education and prevention.

Having partnered with various European research institutions, medical centres and industry specialists, it is not surprising to see that Mologen (an immunotherapy and immuno-oncology specialist) is now the latest Biotech under their wing.

The agreement relates to a phase I trial with Mologen’s immuno-modulator lefitolimod (MGN1703) in combination with the immunotherapy Yervoy (ipilimumab) in patients with advanced solid malignancies.

The combination of a TLR9 agonist and a checkpoint inhibitor is of particular interest. MGN1703 broadly activates the immune system and enables it to fight cancer.

Yervoy, manufactured by the Immuno-Oncology giant Bristol-Myers Squibb,

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