Mystery Biotech No One has Ever Heard of in Biggest Deal of the Year for $7Bn

21/12/2015 - 3 minutes

Acerta Pharma is an elusive Netherlands based Biotech with pipelines in Blood cancer and solid tumors which has somehow wrangled the biggest Biotech deal of 2015 with Pharma Giant AstraZeneca.

biotech_acerta_billion_deal_astrazenecaAcerta Pharma is a Biotech start-up founded in 2012 which combines two technology platforms in drug discovery and development with a broad target range, from hematological malignancies to solid tumors. Now AstraZeneca has spied their potential in Oncology…

The elusive Acerta has operations at the Pivot Park in Oss (Netherlands) and the US, with a VC backing to include BioGeneration Ventures and development under the LifeSciences@Work accelerator in the Netherlands.

The total amount being considered in the deal is around €6.42Bn, consisting of €3.67Bn upfront staggered between now and 2018, dependent on milestones with their key candidate’s R&D.

Upon close of the transaction (acquisition of 55% of the company), Acerta will initially be a majority-owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca, with the later option of becoming a wholly owned subsidiary for an additional €2.75Bn.

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