When Nanoparticles meet Virtual Tumours to build Oncology Platform

01/04/2016 - 3 minutes

BioMoti is enhancing cancer treatments via drug delivery innovation and it was one of the companies we visited during Labiotech Tour UK. Its Oncojan platform has caught the eye of Physiomics, a computational system biology Biotech listed on the London Stock Exchange.

biomoti_acquisition_physiomics_cancerOxford-based Physiomics develops computational models of cancer, allowing to simulate the effect of their drugs in a ‘Virtual Tumour’ during preclinical and clinical stages.

Now, Physiomics is aiming to expand its strategy from service provider to having its own oncology pipeline. So, it has proposed to acquire a Biotech already developing cancer therapies – BioMoti, currently based in the Queen Mary Bioenterprises Innovation Centre (London).

BioMoti owns Oncojan, a platform to create nanoparticles packages for cancer drugs, coated with tumour-specific antigens. Targeting the therapy to the tumour area both increases and narrows its effect – sparing healthy tissue from toxicity (same strategy that Nanobiotix has, which combines nanotechnology with radiotherapy.

A range of cancer drugs could be adapted to this strategy, 

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