New Technologies Against Allergies are on the Wave

03/12/2014 - 2 minutes

Anergis, a company developing proprietary ultra-fast allergy vaccines, closed a Series B financing round totaling 12,1 million euros. Anergis is not the only company that focuses on allergies, DBV technologies also recently raised money for its new anti-allergic patch.

Allergies are the most prevalent and fastest growing chronic conditions in the industrialized world affecting over 500 million people. The only curative therapy of allergies available today, known as “desensitization” or “Conventional Allergy Immunotherapy” (AIT), is the process of inducing tolerance to the allergen. It requires 3-5 years of treatment and exposes patients to the risk of serious side effects, in particular immediate anaphylactic reactions which can be life-threatening.

Anergis’ vaccines are a long peptide immunotherapy solution based on Contiguous Overlapping Peptides (COP) which reproduce the complete amino acid sequence of the allergen in separate synthetic long peptides. COP allergy vaccines are pharmaceutical quality products that provide complete allergen sequences of all T cell epitopes, but do not cross-react with IgE, the antibody class responsible for eliciting allergic hypersensitivity.

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