Next Generation Sequencing: the final step to massively adopt Personalized Medicine

24/11/2015 - 4 minutes

Sygnis personalized medicine

For several decades, physicians have been dreaming of a Personalized Medicine, able to treat patients according to their genetic profile. The development of Next Generation Sequencing techniques can be the ultimate step before a massive adoption of personalized medicine.

The world of medicine is shifting from the traditional “one size fits all” approach to one where the genetic profile of patients is used to make the most effective clinical decisions for individual patients – a concept known as Personalized Medicine.

The Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a critical need to empower the potential of personalized medicine. NGS has drastically reduced the cost of sequencing a human genome, from $100 million before 2002 to a mere $1,000 today. However, the massive adoption of personalized medicine in hospitals is still facing challenges. Automated systems for sequencing DNA or spot-checking for genetic variation at low costs are essential to progress in both research and clinical applications, and this is pushing forward the need for new tools adapted to the Next Generation Sequencing equipment.

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