World First: Scotland and Norway have Founded a Unique Oceanic Algae Plant

14/01/2016 - 3 minutes

GlycoMar (Scotland) and MicroA (Norway) are Algae specialists in the Biotech industry which have now funded a joint Venture, Prasinotech, which is the first in the world to refine the production of polysaccharides from microalgae.

microa_glycomar_microalgae_prasinotech_algae_astaxanthin_polysacchiridesGlycoMar is based at the European Centre for Marine Biotechnology, near Oban (Scotland), and is a specialist biotech developing new therapeutic products from marine resources, particularly anti-inflammatory products.

Prasinotech takes its name from the microalga Prasinococcus capsulatus, a marine species producing a valuable (and unique) polysaccharide discovered by GlycoMar, which has since been patented for use in healthcare and cosmetic skincare.

This polysacchiride production is sustainable, using only light and CO2 to cultivate the microalgae in seawater (a key selling point in the Microalgae industry – which Sweden’s Simris Alg is also keen to emphasise).

The products are then purified by advanced processing techniques developed with grant support from Innovate UK, Innovation Norway and the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre.

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