Novartis Attacks Amgen. Amgen wants to Ruin Roche – The New Biosimilar War!

25/11/2015 - 4 minutes

Novartis is hitting back in the Biosimilar battleground: now Neulasta, the white blood cell booster for Cancer, is the latest of Amgen’s victims…

biosimilarNeulasta (pegfilgrastim) has been submitted through Novartis’ subsidiary, Sandoz. As a recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF), pegfilgrastim looks to stimulate the immune system and boost the white cell count.

Neulasta is actually the slightly longer acting version of Amgen’s other blockbuster Neupogen (the template for the first ever US approved biosimilar – from Novartis), the combined sales of which account for over 30% of Amgen’s income. Used to treat Neutropenia (a result of chemo) for various cancers, Neulasta’s annual sales alone is worth around €3.5Bn. It is therefore understandable other biotechs seek to take a slice of Amgen’s market corner, as soon as their patent expires.

Another example (asides Novartis) includes the Pamplona biotech Cinfa Biotech (which also have offices in Munich,

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