Naughty Novartis…US Department of Justice Fines them $390M – Again!

29/10/2015 - 3 minutes

Being a multi-billion international Pharmaceutical giant does not protect you from the Law…and in my best American accent “Justice WILL be served” (and bang! goes the gavel). Novartis gets called out on their dodgy sales boosting techniques again down the US Federal court.

Logo_NovartisNovartis has been caught out serving Pharmacists and Doctors under the table deal ‘sweetners’ – which is essentially an indirect form of bribery born out of the fierce competition in pharmaceutical sales. Despite heavy regulatory controls preventing direct methods of handing over cash, pharmas have found another way to convince medical professionals that their product is recommended ahead of others in the patient setting.

It’s all a little foggy as to what is or is not breaking these rules, and this grey area is now the only ‘loophole’ large Pharmas can still sneakily try to push their brand. For example, although no money was directly exchanged, Reuters indicated being taken out for $9,700 swanky Japanese restaurants by a client (who conveniently foots the extortionate bill) is definitely still an unethical form of sales!

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