Novartis Monopolises Immuno-Oncology: Three More Biotechs taken Under its Wing

23/10/2015 - 2 minutes

Novartis, the Swiss Biotech giant, has once again broadened its Immuno-oncology portfolio with the acquisition of US Admune Therapeutics (MA) and forming marketing, commercialization and development partnerships with California’s Xoma and Palobiopharma in Barcelona (Spain).

NovartisNovartis is a Basel giant in the biotech industry, with their research development programs spanning a broad range of fields and earning up to €8.92Bn last year alone (and almost €53Bn in global sales!). Recently we discussed their focus in immuno-oncology, which is proving to be the main thing talked about in biotech news today.

These partnerships will allow Novartis to monopolise the field even further. The acquisition of Admune Therapeutics means the adoption of their phase I agonist for metastatic cancer: IL-15 was shown to stimulate the immune system and activate CD8+, CD4+ memory T cells and Natural Killer (NK) in pre-clinical studies.


Their  other 2 partnerships are for candidates which instead look to suppress cancer cell ability to mask itself from the immune system,

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