Novel Antibody for Influenza gets FDA Fast-Track Approval

24/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Humabs (Switzerland) has gotten some serious recognition for its antibody platform, as its candidates for Influenza have received FDA fast-track designation.

humabs_influenza_medimmune_fda_fast_trackA biologic therapy for Influenza A has been granted Fast Track Designation by the FDA, a ‘programme to accelerate the treatment commercialisation.

The therapy is based on an antibody (MEDI8852) that was initially developed by Humabs. This Biotech used human memory B-cells from patients that recovered from influenza to isolate an antibody with broad influenza-neutralising properties.

This idea of studying the immune system of people who overcame the targeted disease is the basis for their drug discovery platform, Cellclone, which allows Humabs to discover antibodies quickly. These antibodies sometimes target previously unknown or multiple mechanisms in infectious diseases.

Besides Influenza, Cellclone was also used to develop antibody therapies for the infamous Ebola and Middle East respiratory syndrome (more commonly known in the news as ‘MERS‘).

MEDI8852 is being developed by MedImmune,

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