Novel Bionic Vision device gains approval for clinical trials in Renowned UK Hospital

01/06/2016 - 2 minutes

Pixium Vision will be testing its new IRIS II bionic vision system in a clinical trial. The device can mimic eye function in people affected by Retinitis pigmentosa and Macular degeneration.

pixium_vision_iris_ii_mhra_moorsfieldsBased in Paris (France), Pixium Vision is developing an alternative for people who have lost their sight – a bionic vision restoration system (VRS).

One of our favourite cyborg-like inventions, Pixium’s technology involves an intra-ocular implant that is surgically attached to the surface of the retina.

This implant receives information from a mini-camera placed in a pair of spectacles. The information is projected onto the retinal implant to stimulate the optic nerve – delivering a perception of light and shape.

Now, Pixium is rolling out its improved IRIS II bionic vision system. It has authorisation from the UK regulatory agency (MHRA) to start a new trial, enrolling up to 10 patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa – a group of diseases where the eye photoreceptors die off.

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