Novozymes Spawn World’s First Recombinant Albumin Biotech in Denmark

19/01/2016 - 2 minutes

Novozymes in Bagsværd (Denmark) has just announced it has separated its biopharma activities into an independent company, called Albumedix.

novozymes_albumedixNovozymes is almost purely industrial biotech, as the World’s leading enzyme manufacturer. However, they also have some expertise in Health, which has now budded off (like yeast!) to become a wholly owned subsidiary, Albumedix.

Albumedix is led by Novozymes’ CEO, Peter Rosholm, and will be headquartered in Lyngby (Denmark), with R&D and production facilities in Nottingham (UK), employing approximately 100 people.

Albumedix develops albumin-based products and technologies for advanced drug and vaccine formulation, extended drug half-life and improved drug delivery (using its Veltis delivery platform).

On the other hand, Recombumin, is Albumedix’s range of recombinant albumins, used in the pharmaceutical industry to stabilize drugs and vaccines. Recombumin is also an animal origin-free human albumin, produced by Novozymes’ proprietary Saccharomyces yeast strains.

In fact, it is the world’s first and only supply of commercial recombinant human albumin,

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