The Only Real European Biotech Unicorns in 2016

16/02/2016 - 3 minutes

Unicorns are private fast-growing companies valued more than a billion euro/dollars. This club is getting bigger and bigger, 146 companies while I’m writing this article (look at the full list on the Wall Street Journal). There is a very reduced number of Biotech unicorns worldwide and even less in Europe. There are actually only 3: Oxford Nanopore, CureVac and Immunocore.

N°1: Oxford Nanopore – the future of next-gen sequencing


Value (private): €2Bn (July 2015)

Total raised: €345M

Founded: 2005

City: Oxford, UK

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Mission: Oxford Nanopore is a platform that lead applications in DNA sequencing, protein analysis for diagnostics and drug development and identification of a range of other molecules. It uses nanotechnology instead of fluorescence, like what Illumina (US) is doing.

Why is it a Unicorn? Oxford Nanopore has the technology which could further break down the price of sequencing (single euros instead of thousands of euros). And more than reduced prices, it makes sequencing also portable and available everywhere.  

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