Optibrium introduces the lastest version of StarDrop

20/03/2015 - 3 minutes

Cambridge-based Optibrium has launched of version 6.1 of its StarDrop platform to guide researchers in the design of high quality compounds in drug discovery, agrochemicals and other chemistry fields. The latest release introduces the Matsy technology, based on matched molecular series analysis, which proposes strategies for chemical substitutions to optimise compound activity. Also included is a major upgrade to StarDrop’s P450 metabolism module that facilitates the design of compounds with improved metabolic stability, in addition to enhancements to the platform’s data analysis and management capabilities.

As a result of Optibrium’s collaboration with British NextMove Software, the addition of the Matsy algorithm extends the capabilities of StarDrop’s Nova module that automatically generates and prioritises novel compound ideas. Matsy searches databases of matched molecular series to identify chemical substitutions that are most likely to improve target activity. Using data from longer series of matched compounds, instead of the common matched molecular pairs approach, provides additional context and enables more relevant predictions to be made for a chemical series of interest.

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