Oxitec scales up Mosquito production with a new Factory in Brazil

27/10/2016 - 2 minutes

Since Brazil became the first country in the world to deploy GM mosquitos, Oxitec has opened a factory there to produce its Friendly Aedes aegypti.

Oxitec has opened a large-scale mosquito factory in Piracicaba, Brazil, to scale up production of their Friendly Aedes aegypti mosquitos. These mosquitos are effectively sterilized so they don’t transmit infectious tropical diseases like denguechikungunya and the emergent threat of the Zika virus.

As a spin-off from Oxford University, Oxitec specializes in using genetic engineering to control insect pest populations with the ‘Sterile Insect Technique’. The population of this mosquito is hard to control, even with heavy use of pesticides.

As an alternative solution, Oxitec engineered a strain, known as Friendly Aedes aegypti, that self-limits the mosquitoes’ populationOxitec reports that the introduction of this variant reduced Aedes aegypti populations by 90% in past efficacy trials,

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