Oxitec’s revolutionary Genetically Modified Insects acquired by Intrexon for €146M

10/08/2015 - 3 minutes

Oxitec‘s self-limiting gene technique, which is designed to exterminate dangerous insects, has a price now: $160M (€146M). US-based Intrexon absorbed the Oxford University’s spinout with its unique technology to accelerate the crackdown of dengue infections and crop damages.

As we reported early this year, Intrexon Corporation recently partnered across diverse markets, all being part of the wide range of synthetic biology. For example, the company acts in concert with Merck Serono to overcome current challenges of CAR-T therapy. Or, as a totally different part of synthetic biology, Intrexon acquired Okanagan Specialty Fruits, the agricultural company behind the world’s first non-browning apple.

Intrexon’s newest purchase is a British pioneer in biological insect control solutions: Oxitec. The latter developed a self-limiting gene approach to control mosquitoes that spread disease and to limit pest-related crop damage. Modified male insects are introduced to a harmful population of a distinct species. They will mate with the females, but their offspring cannot mature, a feature that should eventually lead to a crash of the population.

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