Infographic: What are the key challenges in Personalized Medicine?

15/07/2016 - 1 minute

Personalized medicine is the way forward in tackling hard-to-treat indications. Here are some of the challenges in R&D of such therapies in biotech.

Personalized genetic insider biotech infographic

By exploring use of autologous therapies, the chance of adverse responses from immunogenicity is reduced, making the treatment more targeted and effective (as doses can be higher).

However, there are challenges in developing such therapies, even if they are revolutionising Biotech’s role in medicine (for example, in tackling Cancer).

Similarly, there is also a need for Biotech and Pharmaceutical policy changes to reflect these new types of drug, to evaluate their safety and help get potentially life-saving therapies to clinical trials.


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Here, Genetic Insider’s Infographic highlights some of these points. Read more here.Diagnostic medicine infographic biotech

Feature Image Credit:  Antibodies binding – © Animaxx3d (BigStock ID106797554)



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